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About the Project

Professor Rick Glofcheski and Mrs Laura Cha In 2011 the Hong Kong University Grants Committee (UGC) established the annual UGC Teaching Award, to recognize excellence in Teaching and Learning. You can learn more about the award at UGC's website.

Rick Glofcheski was one of the two inaugural winners. He has pledged to use his award funds to identify and explore new ways in which assessment can advance student learning, what is sometimes referred to as assessment for learning.

Symposium December 14, 2012

The first major event will be a symposium, to involve colleagues from UGC institutions with an interest/expertise in assessment practices and scholarship. The event will take place at the University of Hong Kong on Friday December 14, 2012. The event is intended to bring together practitioners from the eight Hong Kong UGC-funded universities, who in their university teaching and/or research, use or see assessment as a means of student learning in addition to any accreditation function it might have. We will take an evidenced-based approach to assessment.

Presenters should be prepared to explain how their assessment advances student learning with reference to the literature and any empirical evidence they have. The event will allow presenters to showcase and explain their practices.

There will be four blocks of 75 minutes, each with its own theme, each with three snapshots of practice followed by Q&A.

The symposium will be a largely local event, intended to get colleagues at different local institutions talking to each other and in the longer term, collaborating. Professor David Boud of the University of Technology Sydney, will provide commentary on the presentations.

May 2015

The second event will be a conference, with invitations to renowned scholars and experts, and an open invitation for abstracts, with a preference for local colleagues if demand exceeds the number of manageable places. It is hoped that this event will lead to a published book of refereed contributions.

May 2015 and beyond

It is hoped that the Assessment Project may have a continuing role beyond the conferences and the exhaustion of the UGC award grant, and that the website may play a continuing role in the gathering and dissemination of new ideas about assessment and its learning function.